Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Batty for Bats, K

 On Thursday There was lots of active flying around in Bat Class this week for FH K: 
But of course we had to stop and watch machinery in action:
 The parks guys are putting in irrigation lines up to an acre of the park on the hill above here in order to attempt to regrow an area of ground cover. It's been fun to watch the action and understand this project by talking with some staff.
But these guys are pretty busy bat kids to stop for too long! 
Next stop, hole in the tree, tree:
 My! What long legs you have Ivy!
We also did some serious drumming at this spot, and hiding in the tree.
Then off to sliding rock and sliding rock hill to test out the flight capabilities of wings:
 And then on down the trail again,
 We ended up at boat fort today for our book time, and again some pretty hilarious impromptu bat songs created by non other than the FH K band!
It's hard to tell the extent to which these guys were rocking out, but trust me they were!
I'll have to get some video footage of these creative kiddos some day soon!
On Thursday, before our special guest came we ran some energy out in the woods, and came across another creature of the night, our friendly local barred owl:
 So we had to sit quietly and just observe him for some time before we rushed off to see our guest.
It was a treat to get to see this amazing bird again after seeing him with the preschoolers just the other week. We're going to have to name him soon! (Perhaps I could find out if it is a "him" first?) I'm pretty sure bat week was a winning theme for FH K this year!

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