Thursday, October 27, 2011

Leafy Learning K

 We started off our "Leafy Week" at Hamlin on Tuesday where the kids had lots of fun helping me gather all sorts of leaves. We started off in a direction we rarely travel, over by the high school, there they are working on a new trail and this group always enjoys a good viewing of construction action:
As we were reading our books nearby the work, a big dump truck went right on by = action!
Then we went back to the spot Mr. A said he knew there were lots of leaves, right by the west parking lot, indeed there were! I sure wish I had some video footage of the kids leaf collecting as gentle winds blew the leaves right out of the trees. We got to make a wish when we'd catch a maple "helicopter"! It was one of those little moments I felt lucky to be able to be able to play along with the kids, and watch their eyes light up as they caught the leaves and helicopters in flight. 
Then went went on up to the big fort and played while I made another set of crowns, 
somehow I only got good pics of these two, though A and K had theirs on too for a bit
It was a fun kick off leafy learning day.
On Thursday, we went to Boeing Creek and the kids had a great time! They took off down the trails, 
finding fungi and this little millipede along the way,
They raced down to the creek,
had a ton of fun crossing back and forth it, and throwing boat leaves and rocks in it,
At the lake they had fun on the banks, 
Q did some journalling,
and the whole group played chase together around these bushes:
Then we headed on up the hill to Shoreview Park where they got to play at that playground together. They had such excellent cooperative skills today, it was hard to interrupt their play at all, and so I didn't much, and I'm sure they loved this, and learned a lot from this free play. What fun there is to be had a Boeing Creek, we love this park!

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