Thursday, October 6, 2011

Batty for Bats, Thurs Pre

We were batty for bats in our Thursday class with our bat wings on (over our cozy rain gear), bat puppets flying along, and bat songs in the air!
Miss. L was a cozy trooper today in her wings, with her Mama:
The kids were following this trail made from the rain on down the hill (thank you rain for reinforcing water cycle learning!):
We cozied up in the "boat fort" while reading "Stellaluna" which I noted might have a little scary bit in it (the owl part), but I was informed that it would not be too scary for Mr. H since he is a "dragon rider". Thank goodness we have such a brave fellow (who now has a few other fellow "dragon rider" pals) among us!
 Miss. Patty took some action shots of me reading, 
thank you Patty!
The class also had a fun time in blackberry meadow, crawling around through little tunnels and tricky spots for Teacher Erin and Miss. Patty to get through. ;)
It's fun to see what changes we are already witnessing here in our woods, blackberries are rotting, we are wearing more layers, and everything is certainly wet!
We stopped on our way to sliding rock to be bats looking for some beetle food. Really we just had to get our hands on a little "boppy" and Miss. L calls them. The ground beetles we find in Hamlin are our best pals this time of year!
Mr. Beetle trying to make his hasty escape from L's hand
And bats on sliding rock, oh boy!
What a batty fun session!

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