Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fun with Fungi, Tues Pre

 We started off the session after our mushroom reading diving right into "going on a mushroom hunt":
 Looking into this stump started a whole slew of thoughts on potential topics for FH that we kept returning to the whole morning. This list by the end included: "stump day", "bark day", "rotting log day", "dirt day", "cooking in the woods day", "slug day", "snail day", and oh I'm sure they could go on and on! They had SO many creative ideas, and we will indeed be doing some of these days for sure! Then, we looked really closely and it turned out this stump had some tiny orange fungus on it, thanks kids for helping me see it!
 We took our fairies into the woods and they helped us find fungi:
 "They are not all "conks" one of them is a "tonkalongkus"." ~ Mr. H our imagination expert!
 Upon really searching we did in fact find a number of different fungi, even though there hadn't been much rain recently:
 We practiced writing "M" for mushroom, and "F" for fungi in the dirt.
 We even observed a downy woodpecker today, which was fortuitous given I'd just been given a new bird id guide written by a student's grandfather. What a treat, thank you Mr. Morse! If you don't have it Birds of the Puget Sound Region is an excellent resource!
There was mush room for fun in today's play in the woods, thanks kids!

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