Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Leafy Learning at Boeing Creek, Tues Pre

We were the "princesses and fairies" of the park today on our field trip to Boeing Creek with just the girls in attendance! We had a wonderful time together and took our leafy walk all the way to and from Hidden Lake. On the way we stopped to read, snack, and learn a bit about deciduous trees in our area.
Then we headed on down to the creek, 

the girls had a wonderful time at the passing,and at the little waterfalls, throwing leaves and rocks in, and playing in the sand
I appreciate that since fungi week the students have been quite observant of fungi along the trail, as I. was on our way to Hidden Lake:
Once at the little lake the girls were hamming it up for me:
We saw a kingfisher, bufflehead ducks, and mallards of course on the lake.
I made them crowns with our leaf collection we had made along the way, and they wrote in their journals and played lakeside:
They certainly looked like princesses and fairies to me!
Then we had to hightail it back up the hill to meet back up with our families! Time goes by too fast when you're having fun in a new place! The girls gave Grandpa Fir a hug for strength and wisdom on their way up the hill:
We look forward to coming back here to the Creek later this school year!

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