Thursday, October 27, 2011

Leafy Learning at Boeing Creek, Thurs. Pre

It was another perfect day to be at Boeing Creek on Thursday! We got to enjoy the absolute beauty of fall in this scenic spot together. We set off together, exploring at the creek along the way (though it was all hands on deck to keep little L out of the water, so not too many pics...;)). Then we make it to Hidden Lake where we watched the ducks,
made little sand castles,
and brought Teacher Erin leaves for our leaf crowns,
The way little 2 year old L says "teacher" would melt your heart!
Then we warmed up our chilly fingers while adorning crowns,
Oh Mr. H was adorning his new (he was a Birthday boy yesterday!) parrot costume:
They were all pretty adorable in their fall crowns:
Then the boys and I ran back up the hill together. L and her Mama followed at their pace. 
Actually I should say I was chased back up the hill, seeing as I was "bigfoot" after all and the boys were trying to catch me!
We had to make a quick stop to chat with this mycologist who showed us her "shaggy parasol" find:
Then, we ran on to meet up with the Moms, running thgouh Fall beauty on the way:
It was a Happy Leaf Day indeed!

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