Thursday, September 29, 2011

Water Cycle Week, K

This week we started off talking about the water cycle while at Hamlin Park on Tuesday. The kids really had fun rocking out the hip new water cycle song I bought (ok I'll admit I can't get it out of my head either):
my camera usually causes the action to pause, but they were so cute I couldn't help myself...
They were pretty into listening to all of my water cycle books this week in between some pretty fun play, like at the big fort:
At the end of Tuesday's class we took our water cycle knowledge and drew it out large scale on the baseball field with sticks:
It's tricky to see since I don't have a helicopter, but they helped me add rivers, mountains, rain, etc. to my words "evaporation, condensation, precipitation" and images of water, clouds, and rain. I do think it helps them to write and draw big like this to see this concept in a large scale. Plus it's fun!
On Thursday we had a new classmate/guest join us on a spectacularly sunny day (notice the shirts off in late September!):
A points out his rock bridge
 dam building was a highlight from today's session
 While snacking I read them two interesting and fun water cycle books in two sessions between our beach play and beach investigations. I really think they have a pretty good grasp on the concept now, especially seeing it all play out while at the beach with the clouds, the streams, and the Puget Sound all right there to aid in this understanding.
At the end of this session they were all about collecting the "wheat" from the beach and making up funny little red hen type songs:
 These kiddos are all about originality and fun play, that is for sure!

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