Thursday, October 6, 2011

Batty for Bats, Special Guest!

  FH was lucky enough to have non other than a regional expert of bats this week, the "Bat Lady" Barbara Ogaard from the local non-profit, Bats Northwest as a visitor this week! She was available during our FH K class, and we invited other classes to join us, so we had a few others there as well. She had a wonderful presentation for us, and we learned so much, about bats around the world, the jobs those bats do and how they help to pollinate and aid in the growth of many of our favorite foods like cashews and such,
She also demystified all the lore we hear on vampire bats, and shared some pop culture about bats with the kids. And she even showed us an adorable bat she is giving rescue care to,
This little fella will winter with her and be released back out to nature after the hibernation period, likely in April. We got to watch him eat a little meal worm for a snack,
She also brought along preserved bat specimens for us to see:
And afterward she gave each of the kids a toy bat and a bat ring:
I took so many notes and will enjoy sharing my newfound bat knowledge with many classes to come! Thank you so much Barb and Bats Northwest!

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