Thursday, September 22, 2011

Under a Log Week, Thurs Pre

The Froglets were set for their work of finding insects at Hamlin this week, look they were geared up and everything:
Serious Mr. T. in his FH uniform!
They were indeed finding lots of insects and non insects together:
 Heaps of beetles under this log, and later this little fella we couldn't actually identify:
 hard to see but it was a pale beetle like insect, right in the middle of this shot
We made it to a fort today, cleaned it up, and then used it as a work station to do our journals:
 Then we crafted some of our own insects with pipe cleaners, sticks, fir cones, etc. They were cute little creations and they helped us discuss the characteristics of an insect: 6 legs, usually with wings, 3 parts to their bodies, etc. Nancy Stewart's "The Gift" insect song we listened to helped also!
 Miss. L meanwhile was getting right into nature here at FH with a taste of this doug fir stump, yum, nature!
silly girl stumps are for bugs! ;)

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