Thursday, September 29, 2011

Water Cycle Week, Thurs Pre

 Our class lucked out this week getting some very sunny skies for our day at the beach.
right away the boys got into building a big "train track" in the sand
This week we had a good time learning all about the water cycle while having the perfect setting for this learning. As we read our water cycle books we could see the water all around us, and begin to better understand the cycle it takes.We also had fun finding creatures that live in this water, little crab, isopods galore,
mussles, periwinkles, barnacles, sculpin fish, and many more tidepool friends. 
But on this day at the beach the big fort was a big hit. The boys were serving up quite a repratoire of sea life foods:
 meanwhile the moms and I were comparing the similarities between purple seaweed and fruit leather...
And climbing on this big fort was a pretty powerful feeling too:
What a frogtastic day at the beach!

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