Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Water Cycle Week, Tues Pre

We took our first "field trip" of the year this week and met at Richmond Beach to learn about the Water Cycle. 
 On our way to the beach we had to experience the thrill of standing right above a freight train rushing by!
What a great place to do it, we could see the clouds, see the water, make the connections with it all right in front of us. 
exploring in tide pools, we had fun checking out the anemones 
The kids were a little chilly so we did cozy up in a big fort on the beach, 
sitting by the "fire", and taking "naps" on the logs
in between snack eating and listening to more water cycle stories. The kids did have a fun time searching for little crab on the beach and learning to identify between males and females. We also found tons of isopods (which reminded us of all the sow bugs we found in the woods!), and sea anemones, barnacles, 
mussels, periwinkles, and other little creatures common to our local tide pools.
we had a little chat about this moonsnail's egg case
The sun came out for us at the end of our session and we enjoyed walking down the beach a bit and back again, studying rocks, and gathering up a few to bring home as gifts (we loved "volcano" rocks, and "wishing rocks" especially). As always, it was a hopping good time at Froggy Holler at the beach!

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