Monday, September 19, 2011

Frog Week for Thurs Preschool/Tots

We had a fun time all together for our first Preschool/Tot class on Thursday. Since some of the kids were new to drop off a few parents stayed the whole session, and as this was originally a Parent/Tot class L and her Mom will always be together! We started class with our songs and frog crown making, and trooped off into the woods at frog princes and princesses. After a stop in "Fairy Valley", and a reading of A Frog in the Bog, and journal making, we headed on up the hill, for some balancing time:
Then it was on down to "Blackberry Meadow" for a berry snack,
We did a little journal writing there and had fun hanging out with each other,
Then it was back down the trail with a stop at "Sliding Rock" for some play action:
This is a lovely group of students (and parents!) I'll look forward to our fun together this fall!

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