Sunday, September 18, 2011

Frog Week at FH Tues Preschool

Yay! Our Froggy Holler Outdoor Preschool class bagan this week with 6 excited kiddos and 1 hoppy teacher all ready to learn in the woods! We started off with the traditional "Frog Day" to warm us all up for some froggy fun this fall. First off we sang our welcome songs, chatted about our basic rules, made our froggy hats:
 Then we took off into the woods, stopping to talk about decomposing logs, oregon grape, pine vs. hemlock cones, and cedar trees a bit. 
We took our break in "Fairy Valley" to make our nature journals, and have story and snack time. We read A Frog in the Bog today and the class was all eyes during this dramatic tale! 
The students modelled their strong muscles for me today, 
demonstrated their balancing skills, 
and were inquisitive about shelf fungus, and insects wings we found about. They are all so excited to be here and have oh SO many stories to share with Teacher Erin, who loves to hear them all! What fun these froglets and I will have this fall!

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