Monday, September 19, 2011

Frog Week for Kindergarten!

Froggy Holler's Outdoor Kindergarten is kicking off this inaugural year with some experts in the field, and a new friend too! The kids all get along really well together and we all already having way more fun than we should be allowed! ;) For Frog week we had fun with Teacher Erin's frog soundtrack, jumping all around to Caspar Babypants and the like, and reading some stories like Stick, a short story of why frogs and snakes are not friends, and a math story If you Hopped Like a Frog. Story time seems to be the best opportunity to give the kiddos a teaching lesson as they have had morning school already, and need some fun creative and imaginative playtime, which of course they get a wonderful dose of here! I got a new set for the life cycle of a frog and we played a sorting game with it:
On Tuesday we had a lot of fun at "Blackberry Meadow" finding hideouts in the tall scotchbroom, and picking lots of blackberries to snack on too of course:
While there a little baby ladybug kept us company,
We'll be doing some great nature journalling this year too I'm sure:
On Thursday we started off at "The Maple Pancake Factory" where the FH team cooked up some tasty creations,
 K learned all about this new to him spot in the woods, here he is with his first "Maple pancake"!:
My favorite moment from that playtime was when A added a handful of "maple syrup" powder to the pancake machine and called out, "This has to go into the incubator!" Q and I cracked up at that!
Then, we were off into the woods, Q grabbed an umbrella since it was drizzling just a hint,
We found the motherload of "power beads" today,
I have a feeling I may have to travel that direction again by request. 
 The kids find the funniest "forts" sometimes, this one was a fallen tree with some pretty dried out branches, and we did our journalling from there.
Then  the class ran and ran (and slid, and pulled each other as if on sleds with sticks) down the hill to sliding rock,
These 4 are experts in the field work play already!

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