Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Under a Log Week, With a Surprise! Tues Pre

The kids loved putting on their "entomologist gear" (the invisible kind ;)) and studying all about insects and non insects in our woods this week! We didn't get far before we found logs to roll over and all sorts of little creatures to study.
Mr. H here was particularly good at finding invisible insects, here he is showing me one!
Parent and youngster centipedes (in the non insect category)
Slug (another for the non insect list) and "Dog Vomit Fungus" (slime mold):
We made a list of all the insects and non insects we found, it was fun to keep track!
But we couldn't just play entomologists all day, we also had to practice balancing:
Mr. H really needed to, all the way to the very end of the log while we watched on:
and then we snacked at blackberry meadow, on blackberries and our own snacks while reading All about Bugs, and Mimi:
But the highlight of the day, not bug related at all, was when an OWL flew right in front of us to land on this tree right above us as we were almost back to the shelter! 
This barred owl was just staring us down, and looking all about as we watched and watched. I didn't dare move the group for a few solid minutes, and then we ran to get parents to come see too!
It was pretty amazing to see this amazing creature so close up, and it was certainly a highlight for Teacher Erin as well. What a wonderful session!

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