Thursday, September 22, 2011

Under a Log Week, K

Bug week is always lots f fun, and these guys got into it, unearthing a whole collection of specimens,
Q was particularly interested in finding as many different types of insects and non insects as we could for our big list.

We often see this particular type of very large ground beetle here in Hamlin, we just need a entomologist to help us name it! (Patty T. my on hand expert informed me it's a ground beetle, while the smaller black ones we see are bark beetles, thanks Patty!)
 It's fun to get the chance to really look closely at these tiny little insect worlds under the logs of Hamlin:
 This week also featured a mini fun lesson on how Teacher Erin's camera works! They each got a turn taking a few pictures,
 We had some fun listening to our "Bug Week" soundtrack on the ipod this week, and played a really fun game of insect hide and seek. Partners would have matching instruments, would hide a short distance from each other and use their instrument noises to find each other, just as insects might do.
 It turns out the harmonicas were the choice instrument of the day, and really sound very insect like, especially when muted under salal plants etc.
We have been wanting to go to this bigger fort, and made it there on Thursday. There the kids worked together to add more walls, and we did our journals, and crafted there as well.
 These 4 are busy, imaginative, and fun to be with in the woods!

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