Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome Spring, Tuesdays!

 We jumped right into Spring session today! We were excited to welcome a new member of our class for this session, and she fit right in. 
We had fun reading frog books, singing our goofy frog song, and hopping around like frogs today. The kids also did a lot of log balancing, 
squelching about in the mud, 
playing of Froggy Holler Cafe, 
And doing under a rock investigations,
Which included lots of worm and other insects holding, by AY especially,
She insisted over and over on holding another insect or worm and I don't think they grossed her out as much as this picture looks like they did! She was laughing and saying how much they tickled, so it's funny to see her look of concern!
We're hoppy it's spring around here!

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