Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Worms and Slugs AND The FH Cafe

Intermixed with my regularly scheduled attempt at "curriculum" this week, was some pretty fun restaurant play. It was a pretty funny combo. We'd talk worms and slugs, then get into the restaurant play/maple pancake factory, then back to worm talk, mostly due to the fact that my books and poems etc. were on the topic.
Fortuneatly, A was helping me find slugs and worms etc. so he kept us on topic some too,
Though, with all the hard work of play at hand it was fun all around! Here is I with some pine cone "hot dogs":
 And Q's rice:
A was doing some cone collecting of his own while the chefs were at work,
 This spot turned into the "maple pancake factory" today,
There is a big leaf maple here which provides the main "ingredient" but thankfully there were also 3 hard workers to add the spray on maple syrup, control all the pancakes controls (tree branches etc) and such.
Then, you are served,
 Dirt and pine needles make good pancake toppings I hear. 
We did take a break from the factory work to snack and read some of the interesting books on worms, slugs and snails for fun. But then we were back at it, and since working this hard takes a toll, there was a need for some dirt slide/jumping action too,
 I love that while the boys were jumping and rolling around I was content to continue to make her maple syrup topping/dirt cakes.
 They were laughing SO hard!
 One of the best FH moments was when I called out to the boys, "Hey you're rolling around in maple pancakes!" which of course made us all laugh even more!
And a maple pancake tossing party began!
It was a fun day at the factory indeed!

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