Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Signs of Spring ~ Tuesday

This week we went on a big hunt for spring! As we took a big loop walk around the park we searched high and low for all the many signs of spring we could find, and the kids did an awesome job. They were particularly excited about all the mud!
 I love I's "See here is mud." hand gesture
 A little spring cleaning trail sweeping was happening too
 Not all of us are as thrilled as the preschoolers about the new dandelions everywhere!
 More mud!
New baby bracken fern
 New huckleberry growth
 New daffodils and evidence of new baby slugs eating them
 A little hill sliding action
 New baby Oregon grade
 New cedar growth
 Evidence of the brute strength of a 5 year old, A's "strong hands!"
 A was especially helpful to his pals today in carrying their bags for them cause he is SO strong now!
At Froggy Holler the signs of spring are in the air for sure!

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