Friday, April 8, 2011

Welcome Spring, Fridays!

I'm so excited that we get to have a second session this spring on Fridays! What a great day to get out and run around with our pals! Let me tell you this group is certainly going to keep Teacher Erin fit. I saw a lot of this today:
 Q had a great time showing the boys all around, in the tiny hole under this tree he fit in as a baby,
 They even had to pose it up for me.
 They were so busy exploring, running, climbing, listening to me try to blab as much as I could to a new audience,
 We made it a fair distance all around the park, stopping for a snack in blackberry meadow and reading a fun frog book there. Back at the shelter they were really engaged in their journals, writing away and then relaxing with some frog coloring. N even created a map showing where we had been in the park today.
It was a wonderful start to our spring session Friday class!

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