Friday, April 15, 2011

Signs of Spring ~ Friday

We had a wonderful time at class today exploring the park and spending a bit of time noticing the signs of spring all around! Since most of this group is still getting used to Froggy Holler, we focused more on exploring the park and having fun together than the topic this week. These kiddos are such a fast moving group I have a harder time capturing them with photos, but I did catch the group on this little bouncing log together:
and new member O balancing on a decomposing log as well:
We had an interesting finding today, while we were rounding a corner we came upon a Native American woman drumming. We did our best to avoid her (as we realized she wanted privacy), but did enjoy her song and music that she was sharing with the woods. We heard a lot of bird song, and noticed some different bird habitat in a hole in a nearby tree while we were snacking and reading our spring books.
Back at the shelter, after writing time and class time was technically over, the kids played and played some more on the playground. They really enjoy each other's company!

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paleopaleo said...

My kiddo loves you, his friends and this class soooo much. He absolutely can't wait to go every week.