Thursday, October 28, 2010

Leaf Week: Thursday

We had a little tadpole with us for class today! H was our substitute M since Trez was sick and unable to watch her or bring M to class. I knew I could call Papa Todd if need be, but H and the boys seemed up to having her as our guest and as it turned out they all did wonderfully together! The boys were so sweet to her and she kept up great with the boys. Here were a few moments I captured:
 one really huge earthworm found and held by J
 some fun romping in the leaves, watching a squirrel above us gather maple seeds (helped teach a bit about next weeks topic for me!)
 sharing snacks nicely, while hiding out in yet another little fort, and listening to stories all the while
 a rare break on the playground, so we could make our leaf crowns and let H swing
hot cocoa party!
As you can see we are getting into the cooler fall days at FH, and I'm impressed by how well this group is doing! They are learning a lot, playing tons and staying cozy too.

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