Friday, October 8, 2010

Tweeting, Froggy Holler Style

It was Bird Week at FH, no, I'm not using Twitter with Froggy Holler...;)! So, we did a fair amount of looking and listening at class this week. Of course there was still some fort play, log balancing, and hole exploring, 
along with poem reading and book reading. But a lot of time was spent doing this:
Which, quite honestly, is not the best way for preschoolers to see birds, really they are more likely to actually see birds with their bare eyes, but the experience of using binoculars was fun none the less! On Tuesday we did get a good look at a stellar jay, not surprising given he's such a noisy! local friend, and I also happened to see a hummingbird, though I'm not sure if any kids did. We certainly saw crows, robins, many little songbirds etc. I would love to have a guest from the local Audubon society chapter visit later this school year, so we'll have "bird week" again I'm sure!
We also drew and wrote in the rocks,
and crafted some funny little "birds" at the end of class this week. 
I'm so sorry to admit the memory card for my camera was still here in my computer during Thursday's class, so I didn't get any good pics, though I did take some with my phone, so I hope to add those later!

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