Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Forest Animals Week ~ Tuesday

We lucked out at FH this week, getting a lovely run of sunny days right in time for our class! Today, for our forest animals class we started off reading a squirrel story and a mole story and then went straight up into the woods to spot some creatures if we could. Of course the ever common gray squirrel was spotted, and we chatted about their funny "spit marks the spot" habit and noticed their loud chatter. 
though mostly the kids were busy investigating the woods
The group impressed me today with their keen listening ears during snack as I read, The Story of Jumping Mouse, a lovely story of a mouse with a powerful message about compassion and determination (you should read it for yourself!).
The kids were quickly engaged in a game of castle at this big stump. I was given the role of "Queen" so how could I resist playing along? 
the view from my "castle"
Though as with any sessions of imaginative play with preschoolers their roles changed by the moment, from "soldier" to "leaf blower" to "driver of the pumpkin truck" on which we all sat to partake in what was likely the loudest Froggy Holler kiddos have ever been! 
I lead the kids in some hillarious and rousing versions of "jingle bells" and the "ABC's"
Its' really hard to tell kids to "use an inside voice" out here in our classroom without walls! And on a day like today, we all wanted to shout and sing and let it all out! So, why not?! 
Plus, then they got it all out and were ready to listen and learn again as we trekked down the hill and over to "sliding rock". There the kids slid and slid, and one even slumbered momentarily:
I suppose if you can hug trees and rest on rocks, life is good.
It was a frogtastic day!

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