Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tree Hugger Froglets, Tuesday

This week was "tree week" at FH and we had a great time learning more about the local trees here in Hamlin. We also checked out an area where storm water runoff comes:
I told the kids a fun story of the mice in the fir cone, see if they can tell you a bit about it next time you show them a fir cone.
The group got really involved with a fort building project inspired by I after we snacked on a big fir log while reading some inspiring tree stories.
They really worked together, moving branches and such:
They got pretty engrossed in digging among the roots of this fallen tree as well:
 And then I had to give the "fort" a little test visit:
And may I say, every class should end with a joyful run down a hill!
(wish this shot wasn't so blurry, but hey, they were excited, I had to join in too!)
Have you loved a tree today like these froglets?

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