Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boeing Creek Trip ~ Thursday

Trekking out in all new terrain is always exciting and this trip was no exception. It's always amazing to me how my 2 classes can be at the same place, the same week, with the same teacher and on the same theme, and yet have a completely different experience. This week it was particularly evident as we went straight down the path on Thursday and right alongside the creek to little Hidden Lake. We stopped along the way, played with those lovely big leaf maple leaves (noted how they have leaf molds cause they are decomposing) while trying to fly with them too of course. 
Then we did hop over the creek to have a snack and read Salmon Boy alongside the creek.
 creek hopping froglets!
J paused and noticed the creek was slower at this spot, and then he was off again:
evidence of Teacher Erin at work! 
We watched our leaf boats float quickly downstream:
We enjoyed glassy smooth Hidden Lake and visiting with a couple of friendly mallards:
 Had a nice walk back up the trail, with some rests at the waterfalls.
And did a little journaling, and poem writing with the creek just below.

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