Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tree Hugger Froglets, Thursday

A couple of tree hugging froglets and I had a lovely time in the woods today! We talked a lot about the trees all around us in Hamlin, having fun using our tree identification guide books. We also worked on bark rubbings as we went along to get a better sense of the differences between our native evergreens. The kids learned the trick to identifying a fir cone, see if they can tell you about the mice inside! ;)
Here we were in action, testing out our strength:
 noticing more mushroom growth as well,
 looking quite small among the firs I must say,
We'd stopped in this little valley to have our snack, read some lovely tree books and play. 
We also followed the cross country paths,
 played on sliding rock during a bark rubbing stop,
 and tested out the capabilities of tree sap (will it help us glue some sticks together?),
 And at the end of our session we gathered different types of cones: pine, fir, hemlock,cedar and finished off our bark rubbings!
Tree hugging fun indeed!

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