Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday Froglets, Week 6. Corvids! (Crows, ravens and jays)

Our explorers were so happy to see Teacher Erin and meet the newest member of the Froggy Holler Family, Baby Angus!  They hiked with us again today, Baby Gus is almost 4 weeks old!  What an amazing hiker he is-and his momma too!
Froggies found a new trail with treacherous blackberry vines!  Look out!!
We had a picnic and set one up for the crows, too.  We could see and hear some of their sentinals "CAAW-Caawing" but none were brave enough to come over with the Froggies so close by.  
We read a book about a crow, looked at some pictures of Corvids and even learned a silly crow fingerplay.  Once our snacktime was over, we practiced on balancing log and even surprised some high school kids with our amazing jumps!
See you next week!

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