Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday Froglets, Week 4. The Amazing Journey of Mr. Raindrop!

Our class learned about Mr. Raindrop's amazing journey.  Starting as rain, he falls into streams and is washed out to see.  Evaporated by the sun, Mr. Raindrop joins his friends in the clouds only to fall back to Earth and start all over again!
          Here we are with the drawing of Mr. Raindrop's Journey
We had a great time pretending to be rainclouds (cotton balls) and making rain all over the shelter!
We also conducted an experiment to capture steam.  We placed a ziplock bag over a thermos of hot water and it was amazing!  The bag filled with steam, which eventually ran back down and started to drip-just like Mr. Raindrop!  How cool!
We hiked over to Dinosaur Valley to look for mud.  We found a LOT of it-and some amazing tracks!  
 These are some pretty cool mushrooms!
See you next week!  
Teacher Kathleen

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