Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday Froglets, Week 6. Corvids! (Crows, Ravens and Jays)

Hello Froggy Families!  The most wonderful thing happened today-Teacher Erin came to walk with us and brought Baby Gus!  
These Froggies had so many questions about Angus!  "Can he walk?"  "Can he talk?"  Their curiosity and compassion for Angus and Erin was a joy to see!

We also talked a little bit about Corvids!  Our crow buddies were watching us as we walked through the woods.  We made our way to Blackberry Meadow and threw a few bread crusts out on the grass to see if crows came.  It worked!  A "watcher" or sentry caw-caaawed to alert his friends and soon we had some crows gobbling up the bread.
What a beautiful day it was today!  Too bad the crows were camera shy, but here we are feeding them bread.
We spent a little time at Sliding Rock and explored the new fort with our flashlights.  There was a dragon sleeping inside, so we needed to be extra quiet!  Phew!!

See you next week!
Teacher Kathleen (and Teacher Erin and Tiny Tadpole Gus!)

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