Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thursday Tadpoles, Week 4. The Amazing Journey of Mr. Raindrop!

Our tadpole class learned about the Amazing Journey of Mr. Raindrop, first with steam captured in a bag and then with cotton balls disguised as rainclouds.  After our experiment, it was time to gear up and go for a hike!

Oh My! Would you look at how lucky our tadpoles were today!  Here we are, enjoying the beautiful creek as it ran through the park!  

We had to be careful not to wade in past our boots.  The creek rarely runs, so this was such a treat!

Loook at all these darling Tadpoles braving the weather.  :)  Big kudos to caregivers too!
What do we see here?  Is this a clue about next week's curriculum?  It really is a beautiful mushroom and we were lucky enough to see one intact.  (and it was lucky enough to avoid the toddler boots!)
See you all next week!
Teacher Kathleen

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