Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday Froglets, Week 5. Mushrooms!

Today's Froggies were ready for action!  They spent a lot of time exploring, searching for trash to clean up (GO GARBAGE SUPERHERO'S!) and learning about mushrooms and fungus.  Did you know that a mushroom is a type of fungus?  Did you know that fungus is a type of plant BUT it doesn't have green leaves?  Wow!
We began our class by chopping up button mushrooms.  The smell was very familiar, it reminded us of walking in the woods!  
B and D are busy scientists-just look at those dissections!
You might not find any mushrooms in this photo, but these three friends DID find a sign of SPRING!  Green leaves budding on a bush, oh my!
We found a very mushroomy log in the woods.  We thought it best to make silly faces near it.  :)
After exploring, reading, eating and hiking, we hurried back to the shelter to make mushrooms (and snowmen!) out of playdough.  Ta Dah!  I see a cap, gills and stalk!
See you next week!
Teacher Kathleen

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