Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spiders and Insects!

The spiders are emerging!! Spring is calling the insects!! Creatures are molting, weaving, and eating mosquitos! I especially like that last part. 

Tuesday Froglets searched for spiders and insects and discovered new flowering plants, the shapes we can get our faces in to, and new climbing abilities!

Tuesday Frogs found one of the biggest spiders I've seen in Hamlin Park! We found smaller versions all week, but this one. Oh boy! It's a big'un!

Wednesday Froglets went back to a tree that we found a few weeks ago, to see if baby wood peckers were indeed inside. We snuck quietly through the woods, listened ever so silently at the snag and managed to put a good distance between us and their home before going back to our normal decibel level.  I was so impressed at our forest ninja skills!

 Thursday Tadpoles found more of the same kind of spider as we found on Tuesday, not quite as big though! We saw many many creatures under logs. It's been quite a change from the winter! Life teems everywhere!

Thursday Frogs had a major event happen. We decided that we do believe in fairies. They do need decent housing. And we were the perfect engineers to accomplish this task. An elevator was installed as well as multiple level housing. We passed on the excitement to a family passing by who embraced it with gusto!  Somewhere in there we managed to find some spiders and insects as well!!

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