Monday, May 12, 2014

I'm a Likin' the Lichen!

Lichen Week! And boy howdy did we find a lot of it! Not only quantity, but many many different kinds of lichen. We also looked at mosses and algae. We learned that lichen is a symbiotic relationship between a fungus and an algae!! They need each other to survive and thrive! The fungus is the scaffolding and the algae lives inside making food for both.

Tuesday Froglets cracked on and studied lichen and moss under magnifying glasses.  

Tuesday Frogs saw an addition to our ranks. A has moved up to the kindergarten group and we are so proud of her!! Glad to have you with us!

Wednesday Froglets found an owl feather, spun until they were dizzy (and Teacher Kathleen was dizzy), posed for photos, and hiked 2 miles!! 

We also came across the high schoolers "running" for P.E. and decided to play a trick on them! Boy were they surprised when 8 three year olds leapt out from behind trees at them!

Thursday Tadpoles were focused and deliberate today. Magnifying glasses and flashlight in hand these hikers got down close to their quarry. 

K even took a short nap in the moss.

Thursday Frogs worked hard on a fort. It needed some steps and there was much trial and error before we finally made it work. There never were more proud engineers than on this day. 

Later we drew in algae and leapt from sliding rock.

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