Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Froggy Holler Spring Break Camp!

Earth Heros Unite!! We came together in Hamlin park this week and with an element each day, learned about our earth.  Water, earth, air, and fire came together and under a banner of green cloaks we are ready to celebrate Earth Day, every day!

Our cause was lucky, as we had a wonderful visitor. A big kid that loves the woods as much as we do! She helped some of us cross streams, climb trees, and deepen our appreciation of the natural world. Thanks G!!

There was singing and dancing. There were ear ribbons, and hammocks. We even picked up trash and made sure not to leave our own behind.

Cones were explored. Sliding rock was slid upon. Slopes were conquered. Even a tree was peered through!

Hiking buddies not withstanding, these frogs are number 1! Thanks to everyone who participated in camp. And extra thanks to all your support of outdoor education!

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