Monday, June 2, 2014

Boeing Creek Excursion

Our second field trip of the session and we land at Boeing Creek for a beautiful week of ducklings, salmon berries, stinging nettle, a grandpa tree over 200 feet tall, and water time!

Tuesday Froglets had quite the adventure fording a creek and floating leaves and sticks like boats. Hugging trees and getting muddy, my kind of day!

Tuesday Frogs made the trek all the way to Hidden Lake and there we found a few families had beaten us to the beach. They were more than willing to share though.  I've found ducks to be quite accommodating.

Wednesday Froglets found a different route and enjoyed a bouncy tree limb, creek access, and lots of balancing. We even were treated to a mountain beaver scurrying across the bank on the opposite side of the creek!

Thursday Tadpoles gorged themselves on salmon berries! We found a beautiful overlook and made the trek down to the very old and very large trees. We learned that the slope was too steep to log. Lucky tree and lucky us!!

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