Saturday, April 19, 2014

Enjoying the Earth

 Earth Day happens next week and since we do not have class (due to spring break in Shoreline schools) we especially enjoyed our earth time this week! 

Tuesday Froglets chased squirrels about (who were chasing each other and did not notice us), climbed a Madrona, experimented with negative space on fun scratch paper, and found a shelf fungus the size of our head!

Tuesday Frogs made it yet again to the infamous ivy fort working diligently on the invasive vines and creating a space all their own. This is the only FH group that comes to this fort. There was some experimentation with gravity, a slope, and a largish rock. As always, these guys are ever in motion.

Wednesday Froglets worked on letters by creating them with rocks. They enjoyed an umbrella (even though we had little rain under the roof of the forest!).  We learned more about respect and the the creations of others. Thank you B for a wonderful fire pit. It warmed my heart!

Silly froglets under an umbrella!

Thursday Tadpoles explored the raging creek, found potato bugs and even rode a bouncy balance log!

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