Sunday, March 2, 2014

Needles to Say, It's Conifer Week!

 Conifers! And at Shoreview Park no less! We enjoyed such fine weather this week that each class made it all the way to Hidden Lake! 

Tuesday Froglets had sun and sand this week as well as three kinds of ducks! We saw mallards, buffleheads, and common goldeneye.

Tuesday Frogs ran the whole way to the lake (as usual) and when we arrived we found evidence of others... a GIANT foot print as well as some puzzling smaller ones. 

Wednesday Froglets found signs of spring in the form of buds on trees and crocus! 

We also had a show as two older and quite persistant dogs swam after the (very calm) ducks.  A cormorant even gave us a show sunning himself on the beach across the lake. 

Thursday Tadpoles managed to stay out of the water and enjoy the hike up and back. Nothing like throwing rock in a lake and hanging from a tree!

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