Saturday, March 8, 2014

Avian Invaders!

Birds! The Audubon Society of Seattle allows us to borrow their bird kit to show off to classes. The birds were brought in to the society having perished from a variety of causes. Usually collision with cars, wires, or windows, old age, or illness. They birds are prepared at the Burke Museum. They are free of disease or mites and safe for us to handle. The kit allows us to see birds up close when we usually only see them out of the corner of our eyes.

Tuesday Froglets enjoyed the Cooper's Hawk and overflow of the creek. We also were on a mission for birthday gifts for TWO dads adding a year this week (Happy late Birthday Dads!). Luckily we found a stick covered in moss and a handful of lichen that each did the trick.  

Tuesday Frogs are always in motion and that motion is always one speed. Fast. This was the only photo I managed to snap that was not completely blurred. We talked about local birds and more exotic types at length throughout our hike and learned much about each other. Also, No "A...", Teacher Kathleen does not wish to sell her bird...

Wednesday Froglets were transfixed with the chance to pet the stuffed birds. We were lucky enough to have two Dark Eyed Juncos give us an air show in Owl Valley. They were fighting over territory and the acrobatics were amazing to watch. Fairy Valley was a rushing creek and we had a contest to see who could be muddiest. I'm not sure who was muddiest but I do know there were more than one soaking froggy in the woods that day!

Thursday Tadpoles did not make it as far in to the woods as we usually do but we made up for it with sheer focus on each task at hand. First up was bouldering. We absolutely had to climb to the tippy top of the rock pile! Next Teacher Erin found out what decomposing cedar tastes like. Note to self: when inspecting rotting logs, keep mouth closed.
Then we were inspired by the snack time book about wings to make our own and test them out! Teachers Erin and Kathleen need more practice with crafting paper airplanes...

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