Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rain, Rain, Came Again Today!

This week was about rain and the water cycle. While it did not see fit to rain on us, it was mighty cold! No matter, some of us set up the hammock for swinging time and in general we were up to mischief! If not sliding down hills it was working on the ivy fort. 

Tuesday Froglets found dragon fort in good shape. We thought it looked so different and upgraded it should be renamed to the Hobbit Hole. It even has an annex! The hammock was a hit and we all took turns swinging and helping each other in and out. 

 Tuesday Frogs hit the trail running. We found many clues to we know not what and eventually ended up working on the ivy fort. Setting traps for bad guys and tripping in the ivy ourselves.  It even began to snow! Lending the water cycle a new option other than rain and making it more real. 

Wednesday Froglets, I missed seeing you this week. I look forward to hearing all the stories from the parade next time we meet!

Thursday Tadpoles endured the coldest day of the week (save for Wednesday!) The hammock was a hit again and we spent much time in Fairy Valley going up the stairs and down the hill. I definitely got my workout in! 
Congrats to J who did amazing at his first drop off at Froggy Holler! I'm so proud of him!

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