Tuesday, March 25, 2014


This was the perfect week to end winter! Mud, sunshine, and puddles galore!! 

Tuesday Froglets managed to stay dry and mud free unfortunately. We did try to find the squishy stuff but to no avail. Instead we explored and played and enjoyed the warmth of the next season peeking out at us. 

Tuesday Frogs on the other hand found loads of the lovely wet dirt. A few of us managed to get quite soaked and others were not so interested. The hammock was a nice change and good end of the session treat. 

Wednesday Froglets also found the mud! We had a mud contest to see who could get most covered. I think it was a six way tie!

Thursday Tadpoles were the only group to actually hike Muddy Trail this week.  Previous puddles were on the other side in Dinosaur Valley. Muddy Trail proved extra sloshy and we made good use of our boots!

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