Friday, March 14, 2014

Rocks, Minerals, & Fossils!

What an exciting week to be in the woods! Every week we find new signs of spring poking it's head out of hibernation. This week we found the first spider of spring, some mysterious floating worms, a slug, a tiny winged insect and even oxeye daisies! 

Tuesday Froglets are full of silliness, balancing, and finding every mushroom in the forest! 

Tuesday Frogs are also not very serious. Except when it comes to working on our secret ivy base. This class found the spider, floating worms, and as seen on L's hand, a tiny winged insect.

Wednesday Froglets found a slug. I have not seen one since last spring! And I am in a position to see them pretty often... We fixed up our cedar fort and had nice area of moss to sit for snack and story. These kiddos attacked the task of finding a special rock with extra gusto!

Thursday Tadpoles explored the Hobbit Hole (formally The Dragon's Nest) and also a newish little fort nearly flush with the ground that we have been working on this winter. Does anyone have any name ideas? 

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