Friday, February 1, 2013

Twin Ponds Week

We had our first winter field trip this week to Twin Ponds Park. It's fun to explore somewhere new together, watch all the water fowl, and enjoy the playground in the rain! There were lots of water fowl: mallards, buffleheads, a cormorant, mergansers, seagulls, and a wood duck to be seen among others. We searched for the otters that also have a supposed residence there, along with the barred owl, but we think they were hiding from us! Here are the photos of the week:
Tuesday Froglets:
The first time the kids went down the wet slide in their rain pants, shooting out like a cannon, we all cracked up! They did it over and over and it was so exciting!
Sometimes at FH there are little peaceful moments, moments of study, and then the random downward dog against a tree pose moments:
We discussed, read about, and made a 5 senses chart today as well.
This group also found the leaping log, and practiced their flying!
Tuesday Frogs:
It had started raining harder for the afternoon class, but they didn't mind a bit, enjoyed watching the rain fall in the ponds, hiding out in the pop up tent, traversing the rooty trail and studying the 5 senses in depth!
And of course they put on a great show on the slippery slides!
 When you see smiles like these on a rainy day it makes you want to gear up in cozy layers and find a good slide more often!
 Wednesday Froglets:
These kiddos got right into it finding worms in the mud, then enjoying the birds on the water with the binocs and bird guides:
 They were also really into the 5 senses work we did, and kept giving me great ideas for our chart,
 Thursday Tadpoles:
I love seeing all these frog hatted tadpoles in a row! 
 These kiddos enjoyed bird watching, searching for critters down holes, traversing that rooty trail, and maneuvering across the tricky bridge!
We also got lucky back at the dock to see a nearby teacher doing some water sampling to collect tiny pond bugs, daphne:
 And what better way to top off a fun week at the ponds than some puddle jumping!

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