Friday, February 15, 2013

Precipitation Week

We had fun with a seasonally appropriate topic this week, RAIN! We learned about rain and the water cycle and of course listened to our favorite water cycle song!
Tuesday Froglets:
These kiddos were super into finding "power beads" today! They lucked out and found over a hundred! Between the classes we have now named the colors too, so we have this power color chart:
Red= power of heart
Yellow=power of sun
White= power of mind
Green=Frog power!
Bring greeen=power of nature
Glow in the dark=power of night
and other colors we have yet to find, have powers yet to be named! 
 They also played at the "chocolate factory" to get ready for Valentine's Day. ;)
Tuesday Frogs: 
The Frogs were also into finding power beads this week (they have been for years after all...;)), and doing some nest building. They also had fun having a little Valentine's party with treats from Jackson in the circle fort, thanks Jackson and family!
 There was also some impromptu "Mail Myself to You" singing around this mossy tree while discovering new types of fungus.
Wednesday Froglets:
 Wednesday froglets also had fun with power beads and circle fort, and then had a nice visit in Elf Cove, riding the "train" and finding purple fungus!
 They are very kind to each other, and such a loving group, Erin and I don't have enough hands for all the sweeties to want to hold them, so we are often in a long hand holding chain around the woods. At the end of class we had a water cycle dance party!
 Please note the cool dude, holding up my water proof speaker ghetto blaster style! ;)
 Thursday Tadpoles:
Thursday was Valentine's Day! We celebrated by singing some Valentine's songs together, and then sharing the love with the birds of the woods! My Valentine to them included a bag of seeds, so they had a lovely time spreading them all around!
 We also played at elf cove on the train, said "hi" to different plants by shaking their branches, and did some fabulous running through the woods! We also found a heart woodpecker hole, stopped in boat fort for story time and a special Valentine's treat from Sophia and Zoe, thanks girls!!!
 Then there was the ever popular puddle in the parking lot, wouldn't be rain day without a little puddle play right!? 
Thanks for the fun week kiddos and parents! We'll look forward to seeing you again NOT NEXT WEEK (Shoreline schools in out and we follow their calendar) but the following week on February 26th-28th. We'll be studying birds from the Audubon society!

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