Friday, February 8, 2013

Mud Week!

We went for it this week and had MUD as our theme! It was so much fun to go for it with the kids. We used "mud cups", read all about soil, jumped in puddles, and played like frogs are meant to!
Tuesday Froglets
Tuesday Frogs
Wednesday Froglets

These kiddos took a turn on "Spear Hill" this week and did a great job taking turns, and being safe while throwing their "spears" down the hill.
Another favorite moment from the session was when we played "car wash" with fir branches, to try and clean off a bit of the mud.
 Thursday Tadpoles

These sweet tots got into it today with the splashing and mud play. There was also some great teamwork with fairy home building, and sweet hand holding too!
Parents, thanks for appeasing us by doing all that extra laundry!

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