Thursday, February 28, 2013

Birds in Winter Week!

We studied birds, their nests, and had fun back in the woods after our week off! I checked out the kit from the Seattle Audubon again and the kids had a great time studying the real stuffed birds. 
Tuesday Froglets:
This week we had one last class with 2 very sweet kiddos who are heading off on an adventure with their family, we wish them all the best on their adventure! They gave me a sweet book (made all 3 Erin's tear up) and I enjoyed sharing it with all the classes this week.
This week we also had fun with bird food:worms! and searched for birds with our binoculars, studied strange orangish tree wood, found letter C in giant branch form, and had fun with those stuffed birds! 
Tuesday Frogs:
 We celebrated a birthday this week, with Miss. A who has been in my camps and classes for 3 years now! We made little nests of seeds, fed the birds and squirrels, explored and imagined galore!
Wednesday Froglets:
We started off by making nests for the toy birds from the kit, and the kids quickly had an adorable bird village!
In the woods these students were FULL of imagination! They were on a serious fire fighting mission, were active super heroes, and were using a "GPS Unit" (piece of bark) and "compass" (rock" to help us navigate around the woods!
Thursday Tadpoles:
This week we colored our own "binoculars", stomped in the creek and in the mud, went fishing, looked for birds in the woods, had a nice bird story time, and enjoyed seeing the stuffed birds!
It was a fun birding week!

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