Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hibernation Week

Well this was indeed quite a week at Froggy Holler! Not only was teacher Erin recovering from deciding to play a challenging game of soccer for the first time in decades, but it was also the first week of our new classes at Edmonds Heights. Oh and our first ever time needing to call a parent to have them check on their hurt kiddo (bumped tooth at the shelter, he was fine!), and a little scare when a little one got ahead of us after not responding to our froggy call. Phew, it was a week indeed! It was a good reminder to us all that we keep cell phones ON during FH, that we practice and practice again our rules and follow them, and that we can laugh and have fun even in the freezing fog!
Here are the pictures of the FUN!
Tuesday Froglets:
We had a new friend join us! We felt for our heart rates, and were baffled by actual droplets of freezing fog!
We also loved finding cozy little fairy homes, running and sliding down the hills:
 Tuesday Frogs:
 We had a nice trek together this week with the frogs, finding some interesting fungi, searching for all sorts of critters, reading a lot, and even treating ourselves to some new elf cove treasures!
 Wednesday Froglets:
We had fun searching for sleepy bugs under logs, "roasting marshmallows" and "alder salmon" by the creek "fire", being extra silly with Teacher Erin (really a little too silly in one case, over giggling can lead to accidents... fortunately there were extra pants;))
 Then there was the really VAST amount of collapsing to the ground after trying to escape the monster trucks trying to crash into us, and some very handy drawing of arrows on the ground every 2 feet or so, and LOTS of jumping as well! Frogs have to practice jumping after all, especially to our favorite frog songs!
Thursday Tadpoles: 
Today there was a lot of under the log exploration to find insects hibernating, MUD play!, off trail treks:
plus toy froggy and squirrel play too! Mr. Pumpkin toes may be a little toad looking from now on I believe... ;)
I'm excited for next week when we'll be exploring Twin Ponds in Shoreline together!

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