Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Richmond Beach ~ Tuesday

We couldn't have lucked out more with the weather this week, not only do we get to be at the beach during low tide, but also in the sun! Who would have even guessed it?! The kids had a fabulous time of course and we found all sorts of interesting plant and animal life, had fun in the sand, and enjoyed every moment in the sun! Here is the story of our day in photos:
And they're off!
 What could be the more perfect snack for the beach than dried seaweed?!
 Letters are everywhere, AY identified this C excitedly!
 Miss I. was very engaged in beach drawing and storytelling with a. today!
 A crab molt (with our busy fishing friend Heron in the background):
 Using gentle wet fingers to touch many an aneome:
 A fun find of a sunflower star, it was hidden in the eel grass:
 Lounging in the low tide petting an anemone:
 One of many little friends (a hermit crab here) that we found, studied and then put right back:
 You never know what you might find at the beach, maybe even a ladybug:
 And perhaps you might be particularly thrilled at the end of the morning to play paint the driftwood with water bottle water as these kiddos all were!
Or make sand angels:
Oh what a joy it was!

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