Friday, May 13, 2011

Butterfly Week ~ Friday

We had a lovely day at FH today, full of sun, butterfly learning and playing, and exploring in "blackberry meadow". It was pretty cute the way the kids acted out the life cycle of butterflies all on their own:
I. thought these guys were pretty funny:
 Then he tapped them awake:
She went into her chrysalis:
Then slowly came out as a butterfly:
oops missed the bit where she spread her wings
 I learned my lesson on Tuesday and opted for doing the butterfly art at the beginning of class so they could hang and dry while we were out playing. They did a lovely job on their squirt and fold symmetrical paintings, and the resulting butterflies were nice to see strung up on the line fluttering about. 
We flew off while they were drying to explore blackberry meadow, where I imagined butterflies might like to be on a sunny day. There we made ourselves at home among the scotch broom, settling down on our mat for a snack and story.
I. working on some grass knot tying
Considering scotch broom's mighty invasive nature, I have no problem with the kids breaking and playing with it, so they did. Although I'm sure no one would be able to tell given we were inside of the huge patch of it at the meadow, and they were mostly breaking already dead plants. Should the park ever decide to get rid of these beasts, they might consider asking a class or two of kiddos to help, they love attempting to hack away at things! This spot also allowed for some fun running around since there was a little trail one could take behind the scotch broom and meet back up in the meadow, the kids had fun doing that over and over. It was a lovely day at FH today!

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