Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Boeing Creek ~ Tuesday

 Our first Spring field trip was to Boeing Creek this week. We've now come in every season here and the kids love it! We trekked on the challenging route today, which meant some fun creek traversing, 
and snacking at this particular spot before climbing further up. 
This was completely their choice for a snack spot, narrow enough for them, but a challenge for this teacher's bootie I must say!
Post snack, sandy offering to the fairies:
We were doing a "descriptive hike" today, so the kids were looking for items that were pointy, round, silppery, etc. items.
This list was extensive as you can imagine, and a poem of sorts from our list will be added to their journals.
Gooey mud:
Soft moss:
Gritty sand aka "volcano":
Slippery rocks:
The kids had a wonderful time in this little spot imaging it was their home:
There was ample fishing in the creek nearby and water to enjoy time in.
On our hike back up the hill we stopped and gazed up at the huge doug firs and admired their size. Imagining what those trees have seen in their hundreds of years on our earth puts it all in perspective.

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